10 years ago, we accidentally discovered a revolutionary way to manifest. 

In seasons of feeling lost and unseen, overwhelmed and uncertain, we RECLAIMED not only who we were, but also the next level versions of ourselves we wanted to grow into by hacking old school manifestation techniques using the most simple tools we knew of- our cameras and our bodies.

If the popular manifestation gurus' tips have left you feeling frustrated and wondering why it works for everyone else except you, read on... 

You Are Worthy.

Getting unstuck and getting to that next level is more about how you subconsciously feel about your worthiness than it is about anything else. Here's the secret: YOU ARE ALREADY WORTHY.

  • You ARE worthy of having fun.
  • You ARE worthy of being creative.
  • You ARE worthy of carving out time for play.
  • You ARE worthy of being seen.
  • You ARE worthy of seeing your beauty.
  • You ARE worthy of creating art (even if you are far from a professional and only have a phone camera to work with!)
  • You ARE worthy of healing and processing.
  • You ARE worthy of stepping into all the biggest dreams and visions you have for yourself and your life. 
  • You ARE worthy of finding a practice that supports your growth. And we are going to show you exactly how to do it! 

Have You Ever...


  • Felt completely stuck creatively, and in your life?
  • Felt disconnected from certain areas of your body or your body in general because you could only see perceived flaws?
  • Not known what you were feeling or how to move big emotions through your body?
  • Wanted to let go but felt terrified of how you'd look if you did?
  • Knew you were meant for more but couldn't get out of your own head about it?
  • Gone through a tough season and felt like you lost track of who you are?
  • Felt jealous of other people who stand in their confidence and power and wondered how you could ever get to that point yourself?
  • Felt shamed about expressing yourself, your sensuality, your grief, or felt all at the same time like you were too much and not enough?
  • Felt frustrated because no matter how much you try to think positive or fake it till you make it, it always feels so inauthentic that you can't get to that next level manifestation in your life?


Stories of Reclamation

It is challenging to explain the magic that happens within this container. When we first realized that we had both been doing an almost identical self portrait practice that had transformed us, we knew we had to create safe spaces for others to learn and practice it. And something amazing started to happen...

Stephanie's story of Reclamation:

“When signing up for the reclamation workshop, I had hoped to expand my skills and reignite my creative spark. But what I didn't expect was the whole body experience it would end up being. There was magic in the way Jamie and Becka guided us.

I created and captured the most real photos I ever have before. I really felt them. I felt an incredible embodiment that helped me process where I was, and showed me where I could go. The prompts took me deeper into myself, fueling an exhilarating fire within. It became a moving force that carried me, making it possible to shift and transform. It gave me vision and breathed life into me. Thank you Jamie and Becka for the incredible experience."

Amber's story of Reclamation:

I wasn't sure exactly what to expect in this workshop. I just knew it was a step I needed to take. The community felt so safe and encouraging. I was blown away by how connected I felt. I was a little intimidated when I saw how beautiful some of the art was from some of the other participants. But then as we progressed, I was blown away by the art I was creating. I couldn't believe it. I suprised myself! The workshop highlighted the ways I was holding myself back. I felt a connection with my body and intuition that I hadn't had...maybe ever. I let go of some of the fear I had. It even really helped with my confidence and helped me with my stage fright which has long plagued me. I began attempting things vocally, as a singer, that I would be scared to attempt in public, even knowing I could do them at home alone. I can't tell you how much I would recommend this workshop.

More Words From Our Past Participants...

"I’ve never felt particularly comfortable in front of the camera, I’ve always felt I was being something always for someone else. Jumping into this experience I was truly surprised by some of the images I created - In some I saw my true self for the first time!! And I liked her very much. The biggest surprise was how this affected some of my relationships - I started to show my true self to others, most importantly, without fear of judgement. Yep, this was oh so much more than a photography workshop."

“I feel like I've found a very important piece of my soul.” 

“I feel like I did some big inner child healing through that project. I just kept asking what would she have loved to see and cherish and felt represented her?”

"This may be the first time ever I’ve seen my true self in a photograph."

"It’s confronting. Yet I also feel immense joy."

"I felt heard, seen and supported from day one and it felt so easy to let go of inhibitions  and expose my fears and my body!"

"I can't tell you how much I would recommend this workshop. I want to go through it again because I know there's more. Even if you're not sure WHY you're drawn to this, just go for it! Take the leap. You have nothing to lose but the things holding you back."

"I can not recommend this workshop enough. I hope everyone is able to experience it at some point in their life because everyone deserves to see themselves as art!"

"It unleashed a fire within me that had been buried for so long. I came out of this workshop with such a profound shift in the way I see myself."


Katie's story of Reclamation:


From the first week of the workshop, I was amazed at the images I was able to capture of myself. I felt so inspired and motivated throughout the experience because of the lovely prompts and guidance Becka and Jamie provided each week. They were so encouraging and created a beautiful space for all of us to be vulnerable and raw with each other. This workshop was the best thing I did for myself all summer.

It was the permission slip I needed to make more time to be creative. It also provided a safe place for me to be vulnerable with others and myself.  I learned how to break down my walls and allow myself to be seen.

I created some really empowering images of myself that truly felt like a reclamation of my body and my life.

Did you just think "Yes but those people are ____"?  Then this reminder is for you: 

These people are no different than you. No more beautiful than you. No more talented or advanced or enlightened than you. 

They allowed themselves to be brave enough to come and trust us and this process, to be vulnerable and to be seen. And in doing so, their beauty became undeniable. Just like yours.

But this process is about more than beautiful imagery, the photos are just the tool. The real end result is what they help you do...

The Reclamation

Workshop Experience


This is not about manifesting a million dollars or a new car. This is so much bigger than that. This is about empowering you with a process that you can use anytime to get creatively unstuck, healing how you see and judge yourself and bringing you back into your body, and pulling forward your next level versions of yourself essentially manifesting them into your life.

Once you know our three phase method, it will become second nature to you to get unstuck, know what your body is needing, and feel so much less fear around showing up as the next level version of yourself in the world. You are RECLAIMING yourself and that is the most powerful thing you can do!

The Reclamation Method

Twelve Weeks, Two Teachers, Three Phases

Phase One: Play + Creativity
In our first four weeks we will guide you to come back to your body through playfulness and ritual. We'll be taking you through an intro to self portraiture teaching you basics of the craft so you are able to start using photos as a tool right away! In this time we'll be helping you to feel empowered as an artist as well as creating without judgement. From lighting to composition to editing and easy assignments to get your creativity flowing, in month one you'll be making your inner child happy with so much play and fun.

Phase Two: Embodiment + Processing
In our second month we'll be sharing more about how self portraiture helped us process big emotions. Photographically, we'll be digging deeper into the ways we communicate nonverbally in images from colors, shapes, locations, outfits, etc., and helping you emote and capture the emotions you want to tap into and explore. We'll also be working on self evaluation. Sometimes we don't even know what we are feeling or why we feel stuck and this month will be dedicated to learning how to use this practice as a visual journal into knowing yourself better and connecting with your body, feelings, and nervous system to allow yourself and those big blocks to step into the light, be seen, loved on, and moved through. This phase of the method can be intense and we will be creating gentle creative assignments to help you avoid getting stuck in the muck. But if you commit to doing the work in this section, you'll be amazed at what comes through and the connection you feel to yourself again.

Phase Three: Pulling Forward + Manifesting
In our third month we will be walking you through the process of using this method to pull your own next level selves forward. This is where the big magic happens and where we get a little nerdy about the science of manifestation. We will show you exactly how to hack proven manifestation methods by utilizing your camera as a feedback tool. If you've ever struggled because you were trying to fake it till you made it, we will show you how to use this creative ritual to bypass that sticking point. This is where the Reclamation Method comes together and you begin to see exactly how to leverage this process to help you step into the next level version of you that you know you are meant to embody! 

Monthly Integration Art Showcase
To close out each month we will host an artist showcase night where everyone is welcome to share and verbally process their aha moments, breakthroughs, and get encouragement in their process. These sharing times are such beautifully inspiring and vulnerable times and we love to hold this important space for processing and integration before moving on to each next phase.

PDF Guides of all the tips and resources we share during the live workshops and photography trainings will be made available as well as the workshop recordings all students. These are yours to keep for life!

Closing Surprise: Turn in your final project to us at the end of the twelve week experience to take part in the finale surprise we have planned for you!

BONUS: Monthly Photo School
Each month Jamie and Becka host a bonus zoom diving deeper into the art of photography teaching theory and techniques applicable to that month's assignments for participants who want to dive deeper into the craft of photography or for those who already enjoy photography but want to go deeper into the craft.
BONUS: Exclusive Membership Invitation
Completion of our workshop grants you access to our invite-only Reclamation Method membership where we help you continue in this work by giving monthly creative prompts for each phase. Take as little or as much time as you need to move through them or return back to re-process something new. The membership is your safe space to find other people doing this work and continue in your own reclamation journey!

From Lost to Leading...

When I started using this method it was completely intuitive. I was in a rock bottom dark night of the soul. I felt shamed and lost and completely powerless.  From an out of work, divorced twenty something to a published photographer and serial entrepreneur, this process helped me navigate each transition, feel brave enough to walk away from structures that no longer served me, and to continually experiment with proving to myself that I was more than my fears. I was able to come home to my own body and find within her the power of who I was always meant to be. - Becka

Becka Robinson is an artistpreneur. Before retiring from photography, her award winning images had been published in magazines like The Knot, Brides, and on the cover of Professional Photographer Magazine. She has spent the last 8 years in the personal growth space coaching and mentoring. Her current work revolves around helping others navigate deconstruction, spirituality, embodiment, and reclamation.

From Hiding to Seen:

When I took my phone and turned the camera onto myself, I had no idea the power that an image could hold. The more self portraits I took, the more I was able to see my true self, which allowed me to love that woman in the photos and get to know her on a deeper level. I was in my mid 20’s and had become disconnected, feeling out of touch with my intuition and body, thus leading me into unhealthy relationships and situations. This method of self portraiture helped me to embody the confidence, grace, and femininity I could see coming through in the images, as well as being visible sharing my journey and self portraits with thousands others. - Jamie

Jamie Johnson (known online as Birdee) is an award winning fine art photographer and photography educator. Recent press includes being featured in PhotoVogue and the title of 2021 Fine Art Photographer of the Year from Fine Art Photo Awards. Jamie's work has garnered her accolades both nationally and internationally as well as positioned her as a leader in the underwater photography genre. Her current projects focus on creating photo experiences that free her subjects to experience the fullness of their being and beauty as well as sharing her story to inspire others in their own reclamation journey. 

In case your finger is hovering over the registration button...

We know how scary it can be to do things outside your comfort zone. Especially when it comes to investing in yourself if you aren't feeling super confident right now. Here's some questions to ask yourself:

1. If I choose to pass on this, am I making that decision out of honoring my limits or out of fear?

2. How could my life be different 1 month from now? 3 months from now? 6 months from now? If I said yes and committed myself? How much time and struggle would this save me to invest and commit to now? Would it jump me ahead?

3. Is this content and experience something that will help me alleviate a pain, frustration, or sticking point in my life?

4. Is my gut shouting "Hell yes!" even if my mind and ego are shouting something else?

5. How could this investment in my own embodiment, creativity, and personal growth pay off multiple times over if I commit to the work and give it my all?

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